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    Sunday, 25 February 2018

Background and significance

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Actinomycetes are high GC, Gram-positive bacteria that have been placed within the phylum Actinobacteria, class Actinobacteria, subclass Actinobacteridae, order Actinomycetales which currently consists of 13 suborders, more than 44 families, and over 161genera. Being a large group of microbial resources of wide practical use and high commercial value, actinomycetes contribute to around 70% of the source of antibiotics, and also produce numerous non-antibiotic bioactive metabolites, such as enzymes, enzyme inhibitors, immunological regulators, anti-oxidation reagents, and so on. Actinomycetes are widely distributed in natural habitats, especially soil and ocean. They play a significant role in mineralization of organic matter, immobilization of mineral nutrients, fixation of nitrogen, soil improvement and environment protection. In addition, the typical morphological characteristics of Streptomycetes make them into good materials for study of development and differentiation.


  • The discovery of previously unknown, commercially significant metabolites occurs when new screening systems are used or novel organisms are examined. Actinomycetes are still the most promising group of organisms that produce the next generation of bioactive compounds in the light of the prediction that only about 10% of Streptomyces bioactive metabolites have been discovered, and the number of known actinomycetes represents only about 10% of the species existent in nature. Moreover, some taxa are taxonomically very complex, with biodiversity extremely high, so that the systematic systems of them are still in confusion. Therefore, to improve and apply actinomycete systematics by establishing of new techniques and using of combined methods, to enrich and describe the extent of actinomycete biodiversity objectively, and to assess and bioprospect for actinomycete resources are still an essential project.


  • On the other hand, minority of actinomycetes are pathogenic organisms, however, the knowledge of their distribution, pathogenic potential, clinical prevalence and significance is inadequate. So, taxonomic study on this group of actinomycetes will facilitate their recognition and clinical diagnosis and treatment.

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Люди были поглощены " "схваткой Ринггольда с индейцем и забыли про ""мулата.

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Нога была " "обута в серебряный вышитый туфель и, прежде чем она коснулась песчаного берега, слуга попытался подложить под нее золотой ковер.

У " "них нет замороженных дядюшек.

Он оделся и вышел к легкому завтраку.

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