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    Sunday, 25 February 2018


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  • Production of halothermotolerant alpha amylase from a moderately halophilic bacterium Nesterenkonia strain F, Hamedi. J, Samareh. B, Shafiee. M, Amoozegar.MA (2012) Progress in Biological Sciences 2:85-97
  • Identification and Prioritization of Inter-organizational Success Factors in Microbial Biotechnology Firms, Hamedi.J, Azimi.A(2012) Journal of Virology & Microbiology.?:1-8 Article ID 190528
  • Distribution of actinomycetes in different soil ecosystems and effect of media composition on extracellular phosphatase activity,Ghorbani Nasrabadi.R, Greener.R, Yakhchali.B, Alikhani.H, Hamedi.J(2012) Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 1:223-236
  • Kribbella shiraziensis sp. nov., a novel Kribbella isolated from soil in Fars, M , Klenk.HP, Spröer.C , Göker, Hamedi.J, Mohammadipanah.F(2013)international journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology2:112-115
  • Screening of Antibacterial Producing Actinomycetes from Sediments of the Caspian Sea, Mohseni.M, Norouzi.H, Hamedi.J, Roohi.A(2013) International Journal of Molecular and Cellular Medicine (IJMCM) 2:64-71
  • Screening of soil actinomyectes against Salmonella serovar Typhi NCTC 5761 and characterization of the prominent active strains, Goljanian.S, Tabrizi, Hamedi.J, Mohammadipanah.F (2013) Iranian Journal of Microbiology4:356-365
  • Screening of phytotoxic activity and nlp genes from rhizosphere actinomycetes, Mohammadipanah.F, Papiran.R, Moghimi.H, Hamedi.J (2014) Annals Of Microbiology5:1-6
  • Isolation and screening of phytotoxin-producing actinomycetes for biological control of Cardaria draba, Papiran.R, Moghimi.H, Hamedi.J (2014) Progress in Biological Sciences1:111-119
  • Promicromonospora iranensis sp. nov., an actinobacterium isolated from rhizospheric soil, Mohammadipanah.F, Hamedi.J, Sproer.C, Schumann.P, Montero- Calasanz.MC, Klenk.HP (2014) International Journal Of Systematic and Evolutionary MicrobiologyPt9:3314-3319
  • Streptomyces zagrosensis sp. nov., isolated from soil, Mohammadipanah.F, Hamed. J, Sproer.C, Rohde.M, Montero- Calasanz.MC, Klenk.HP (2014) International Journal Of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology Pt 10:3434-3440

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