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    Sunday, 25 February 2018


History of MTP Research Center

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The Microbial Technology & Products (MTP) Research Center devotes itself to genomix, biodiversity and polyphasic taxonomy of microorganisms, as well as to screening, collection and assessment of bioactive microorganisms of potential industrial value and developing of technical knowledge in biotechnological products. These activities were started about 65 years ago by applied microbiology laboratory under supervision of R. Pakravan, Professor in Microbiology and the founder of this field at Tehran University. In addition to laboratory production of microbiological culture media such as Nutrient Broth and Potato Dextrose Agar ,for the first time in the country, he developed enrichment methods for isolation of crude oil degrading bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, acetic acid bacteria and  alcohol producing yeasts from different media  and produced these products in laboratory scale. These activities followed by Dr. F. Malekzadeh, Professor of Microbiology and the founder of bacteriology at Tehran University and developed from 2002 by Dr. J. Hamedi, Associate Professor in Microbiology under the title of Microbial Biotechnology Laboratory. The activities of Dr. F. Malekzadeh were led to the discovery of two new cellulase producing bacterial species, Cellulomonas persia and Cellulomonas iranensis. He won the UNESCO Science and Khwarizmi International Award for discovery of these bacteria.

Almost parallel to these activities, Dr Ashraf Sadat Nouhi, professor of microbiology and founder of environmental microbiology in Iran, have developed enrichment culture techniques for nitrogen-fixing bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria, iron-oxidizing bacteria. The first study in the bioleaching was done by Dr. Nouhi in our country.With the establishment of microbial biotechnology laboratory in 2002, activities in the field of biotechnology highly developed in the Department of Biology. The laboratory have participated in transfer and localization of technical knowledge in production of substance of erythromycin, established and launched of the largest factory of biotech products in our country and also have managed to compile the technical knowledge of different biotechnological products, including clavolonic acid, dextran biopolymer, yeast extract and peptone. To maintain and develop the achievements, University of Tehran Microbial Culture Collection Research Center was formed in 1388 and with the development of activities in 1391 was renamed to the The Microbial Technology & Products (MTP) Research Center as an independent research center.


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